May 22, 2019 – in person and by mail

In this case, I both attempted to make a report in person to the Portland FBI office, and by mail to the Washington D.C. office. I chose to use mail as well as an in person report in part because the woman with whom I spoke in Portland wouldn’t accept any written materials or other types of evidence from me, and in part because I felt that there was widespread corruption on the west coast. The letter is dated May 18, 2022. I believe that what happened is I wrote the letter, then attempted to report in person (probably with the letter in hand), and when the woman would not accept the letter from me, I wrote some additional notes (a four page handwritten addendum dated May 22, 2019) and mailed the letter, probably the following day, so it would have been postmarked May 23 or 24, 2019.

I recall telling the woman at the FBI office that I was very concerned about my daughter being set up with a honeytrap boyfriend, and about surveillance materials of my daughter being secretly recorded and trafficked. When I called it “human trafficking” she argued back that covertly taken and bought/sold surveillance photos from bedrooms and bathrooms was simply “pornography” and not “human trafficking.” She also asked the age of my daughter, implying (to my dismay) that honeytrap boyfriends and covertly distributed pornographic surveillance materials are just fine if the subject is over 18 years of age.

My daughter at the time was dating a man who had met in Washington D.C. who was lying to her at many levels, but she didn’t find out about all of this until late summer 2021. She wouldn’t listen to my warnings because everyone around her – all other family members – also seem to have been lying to her. I believe they knew all along he was a honey trap. Chris, me, and my daughter have all been honey trapped over the years and in each case, it seems everyone around us likely knew about this and lied about it. I do suspect that these honey traps may even be linked to the FBI.

I believe I told the FBI agent I thought our lives were in imminent danger from directed energy attacks, and I included that information in the addendum to the letter mailed to the D.C. office as well.

As our meeting concluded, the agent told me that the FBI “probably would not” investigate my claims, and that if I didn’t hear back within a week, I could assume they’d decided not to investigate.

The directed energy attacks worsened after this attempt to report the crime.



June 2, 2019 notes about May 22, 2019 FBI visit

June 2, 2019 notes about May 22, 2019 FBI visit

Chris was brought to Providence Portland emergency room on June 3, 2019 with heart failure. This was the first indication (other than dreams I’d been having) something was wrong with his heart.