Who are the victims?

It appears the victims or subjects could be anyone. It appears that everyone around me my whole life was involved in this, but I, a subject, was unaware.

Who are the perpetrators?


  • Finance - different entities paying for and profiting from crime
  • Medicine - vehicle through which crimes are carried out and covered up
  • Law Enforcement - end up working for and on behalf of crime
  • Universities - participate, benefit from, cover up
  • Secret Groups - gangs, families, networks keeping crime running

Individuals and Families

The crime runs in families, passed from one gereration to the next, with members of some family groups strategically marrying into other family groups in order to gain control. This seems to be part of getting family members to do the dirty work of indoctrination, defamation, and enslavement, even to the point of murdering close family members. It is also common for people who are targeted and trafficked to be employed by, in business with, or married to people who are secretly trafficking them. This is what happened to my husband Chris Newman with his previous wives and girlfriends, and it is what happened to me, and it is now happening to my daughter.

UPDATE April 13 2021 - as of now the biggest threat to us - Chris, me, and my daughter - appears to be Chris' sister Becky White and his brother in law Tim White. I believe they deliberately caused the cancer to end Chris' life. I have reason to believe that they are trying to do the same thing to me and my daughter. Like all of these killers, they seem to be empowered by US institutions that should be PROTECTING, not attacking, citizens (police, FBI, hospitals). I believe Becky and Tim have been responsible for a number of murders in my daughter's family, and have been implicated in celebrity murders including the forced suicide of Kurt Cobain.

list of individuals linked to drone attacks
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