Recording of Conversations

Some may ask why I have chosen to records, and at times make public, conversations which were not always recorded with consent of all parties. The reason, and the justification, is simple - I am an endangered crime victim.

Oregon Law - OR ยง 165.540(1)(c) does not apply to me because, as explained in (5)(a) because this crime is a felony that endangers human life (and in fact has already taken many lives with plans to take many more). It's a matter of balancing what is most important, and that is to end the crime, stop the criminals, and save lives.

It is unfortunate I didn't start recording conversations years earlier but I had no idea how big and intractable this crime would turn out to be. For about two years I attempted to get permission to record conversations with doctors, etc - but it turns out people will do anything they can to avoid being recorded while committing a crime.