Portland Police

July 15-16 2021 attempt to file police report

my immediate goal being to protect myself and my daughter

Call to Oregon Crime Victims Law Center 12:55pm

Desperate to find protection from the attacks, torture, physical damage, threats to my life and to the life of my daughter, I call several crime victims advocacy groups in Oregon and come to the conclusion that my best chances lie with Oregon Crime Victims Law Center. However, they tell me they are unable to connect me to an attorney without a police report. My understanding is the Crime Victims Rights Act (18 U.S.C. § 3771) applies to anyone who is a crime victim, or who has attempted to report a crime. As defined in Section E of the Crime Victims Rights, Act 18 U.S.C. § 3771 "the term 'crime victim' means a person directly and proximately harmed as a result of the commission of a Federal offense..." - that means that 18 U.S.C. § 3771 applies to both me and to my daughter.

I understand that police, FBI, DOJ may be bothered by my suggesting they are involved in, or are covering up the crime, but I've only made these statements after years of unsuccessfully attempting to get them to investigate the crime. On the one hand I don't want to offend anyone, but on the other I don't want to be blind to the realities of why it is so difficult to open up a case.

In this phone call I give some background of the crime. You will hear that the organization repeatedly tries to get me to call other groups, all of which I've already called and which I believe are far more limited in scope and ability to protect me than this group. In any case, each and every one of them has already turned me down.

Ultimately, the operator simply puts down the phone. They don't hang up, they simply leave me hanging. This is a big part of why I decided I had to redouble my efforts on making a police report. Maybe if I could get the police to open a report this group would then help me find an advocate to get the police or FBI to make an effort to protect me from the crime. And now that I have gathered so much evidence, maybe it would allow me to have help figuring out what the most relevant evidence is, or what parts of the crime would be most productive to address first.

Calling from Central Precinct shortly before 10pm July 15, 2021

(discussion with police dispatch begins about 5:50)

I began trying to call police from a courtyard at Providence Portland about 5pm on July 15, 2021 - I found I was being put on hold for long periods of time (like half an hour or more) and then the call would drop. I thought maybe it would be more productive to actually go to a police precinct to make a report, and also hoped the precinct would be a safe place to speak with officers. The police allowed me to call and attempt to make a report from the central precinct, but after waiting there for almost three hours I had to go home, because after about 11pm downtown gets more dangerous and busses tend to stop running. This is audio of my last attempt to make contact with police before going home.

Return call from Officer Bauer - just after midnight July 16, 2021

Officer Bauer tells me that I'm talking "fast" and he thinks that means that I have a mental illness and that is my real problem. He and a subsequent officer tell me to file a report online even though they must know that the types of crimes you can report online are very limited and neither include murder nor crimes where names of suspects are known.

I give him Mike Payne's name, and he appears to run Payne's name through a database, finds no known criminal record, and dismisses my allegations based on that fact alone.

Had Bauer been willing to come out to my residence I could have shown him a sky-full of visible starlike lit drones (far easier to see than to photograph), and I could have explained to him how the most basic knowledge of astronomy makes it clear the lit objects are not stars or planets.

Return call from Officer Zentener 9:05am July 16, 2021

Officer Zentener calls and though I'm trying very hard not to seem confrontational, she is immediately on the defensive. The way these police officers tend to mirror my attempts to explain the situation is inevitably something along the lines of "so you say the government is out to get you?" - in this case, Zentener is reading from notes where she says that I have accused the FBI of being behind this. While I have in fact said that I do suspect FBI black bag ops to have been involved, it's really unlikely that I would have said this to police, because to my way of thinking is you would report police corruption to the FBI, not the other way around. Part of the problem with this whole thing is my privacy is being so badly violated that stuff I say in other forums or even in private seems to find its way into official reports, as if I'd said it directly to police or doctors. I'm pretty confident by now that the police are behind a lot of this, working, again, for an extrajudicial, extranational crime group, and that they are essentially taking orders - including orders to engage in unlawful and harmful activities - from this group via proxies like Mike Payne and Tim and Becky White. Though I've not seen any police reports about me, I'm pretty confident they are deliberately misrepresenting me in order to make me seem "crazy."

This officer had decided before even speaking to me that I was crazy. She claimed that I had a "long history" of calling the department, which is true (and I'm documenting it here), and it's true because I've been abused by this crime organization for years and ever since I first tried to report the surveillance aspect of the crime in January 2014 they have refused to take my claims seriously enough to even do a cursory investigation. She also told me that "Project Respond" - the group that the police allegedly use to deal with "mental health crises" had (before she even spoke with me) recommended to send an ambulance to my house to pick me up and put ME in lockdown - as a response to me trying to report murder and attempted murder.

What am I supposed to think? I will say that looking back at this behavior by the police a month later, and after witnessing similarly bizarre behavior from Chris' siblings, it's hard not to speculate that Portland Police and Chris' siblings colluded in Chris' murder, possibly on orders from someone higher up, either in the government, or in the crime organization, or both. I don't know how police normally respond to murder accusations but I would hope they'd be a little bit more receptive or helpful.

I call the non-emergency line again, and explain the difficulties I'm having trying to report this crime. The dispatcher offers to have me speak with a sergeant.

Return call from Sergeant Jensen 7:16am July 16, 2021

I am still trying to develop an effective strategy for "convincing" police that my situation is important and needs attention while at the same time being aware that the police know - probably a lot more than me - about this situation already and that my conversations with them usually are this kind of thing where they're trying to obfuscate rather than uncover. For example, from the very first time I tried to report this crime, both police and doctors asking about the crime have NOT wanted to record names of suspects or listen to (much less view) my evidence, and seem to do everything they can to get me to veer into talking about of the more META and/or occult aspects rather than specific, concrete evidence. I struggle between wanting to answer their questions as completely as I can to the best of my ability and trying to figure out how to steer them back into the concrete facts they would need to launch an investigation or to find a way to protect me from the crime. I am aware that they are approaching me with an agenda that runs counter to their actual job descriptions but also feel I have to try to stay grounded in the reality of what is supposed to be going on, and try to find a way to help them to do policework - to fight, not empower, crime; and to protect, not exploit, innocent citizens like myself and my daughter.

Listening back to this recording, I find it astounding that the first thing Sgt Jensen would suggest is that I report the crime through the Portland Police website. Being as he's a sergeant he presumably has some seniority, so I cannot reasonably believe he actually thinks this crime qualifies for their online reporting system which is only for a very limited number of broken-windows type crimes with no known suspects. I am attempting to report something very different. Being as he's the second or third officer to recommend this, it honestly makes me think that this recommendation, to report a crime online, is a systematic way that Portland Police discourage reports of serious crimes they simply don't want to investigate.

Because phone calls have been unproductive, and because, at least since January 20, 2014 no officer has been willing to meet with me to discuss the issue in person (my preference would have been to discuss this in a police department office on camera) - I suggest the idea of sending the police documents electronically. This would make it easy for me to share evidence, and it would make it easy for them to follow the paths that are important and disregard the ones that are less important, because by this point, I've gathered so much evidence, the work at this point would be less about gathering evidence about sifting through to find the most important and fruitful threads.

When Officer Jensen asks me "what kind of crime is it?" I try to give him an overview and then list my most immediate concerns - my safety, and my daughter's safety. I try to briefly but effectively make the case that our lives are in danger and that we should be protected. I then give him a list of the types of evidence I have - photographs, documents, affidavits.

Jensen asks "how long have you been calling police about this" - I am documenting here the the calls I've made to police, which started in January 2014. I basically have made three concerted attempts to report this crime to police, once in January 2014, once in August 2020, and then again in July 2021 (both the 2020 and the 2021 attempt to report the crime involved me making several calls before I was able to get a response). In the meantime I had written maybe three letters to police chiefs and made efforts to contact mayors, all while suffering from the ongoing violence of this crime. There were other calls made to police by other people, not me, in a coordinated attempt to build a paper trail and frame me as violent and mentally ill (literally psychotic). This involved people setting me up and telling lies about me. I believe these calls were made as part of a larger strategy of preventing me from accessing help so that the killers are given the time and tools with which to murder me. My mother participated in some of this but I don't think it was her idea and I'm not certain she knew the ultimate goal.

Jensen lures me into addressing the question "Why me?" In other words, why am I so "special" that I would be targeted by such a crime. I don't know if I would have been any better off deferring the question, but maybe I should have since it is more "meta." Back in 2014 when I spent a lot more time trying to explain to people what was going on (not realizing they all knew already), I found that "why you?" was often one of the first questions people asked. The reason I believe this question is asked of me is because the answer "sounds outlandish" and that they are always looking for ways to dismiss not only my concern, but my very competence as a reasonable human being. Of course, the reason I give, about ancestry, scion lines, connection to knighthood, etc, can all be supported through ancestry research, another form of evidence, but I never get to the point where I'm able to present the necessary evidence to support my assertions. The "why me" question really shouldn't be the primary focus, but it's really only asked because the answer can be spun to make me look like I have grandiose or persecutory delusions. They can then accuse me of "wasting their time" and thus refuse to examine any of the evidence I have. This technique is employed not just by police but by doctors and people I've known, who have had a history with us. These deflection techniques have clearly been planned out ahead of time, and the consistency with which they are applied by doctors, police, and people who have been close to us suggests they're coming from a single "higher up" source.

15:55 "Ms Meyer, all these things you're talking about sound pretty outrageous and outlandish, right? Can you agree that from an outside perspective why it sounds pretty unlikely that this grand conspiracy is happening?"

The police are hardly an "outside perspective" with regards to all of this, but they seem determined pretend otherwise, or at least to project this idea that no one could possibly believe me regardless of evidence, simply because the story sounds outrageous.

17:53 "By simply having contact with me as friends, but especially as boyfriends, they seem to be given power to harm me and to harm other people." This appears to go back through my whole life and in fact it's not only friends but even people with I've had very casual and even brief professional contacts who seem to be able to exploit this connection to climb up in the crime network.

"That's sort of why I'm a key person - because I know who these people are." I'm keeping a list of some of them. It appears that a lot of finance for these attacks is coming from manufacturers of Methotrexate. Not everyone on this list is a personal contact with me or Chris, but most are. In general, the philosophy of this crime seems to be "bigger is better" with the idea that if everyone is involved, committed (aka "married"), and has something to hide, they will be forced to depend upon the crime network for protection, and therefore, will be obligated to protect the crime network forever.

18:18 I try to offer different ideas for paths that could be taken to investigate, saying, "One of the things I'm asserting is that the hospital systems are assassinating people and we can't have that. And if there's even a chance that that's true, I think it should be investigated..." I then say I just want it stopped. The point I'm trying to make is I'm less intersted in finding someone to send to jail and much more interested in being kept safe, and in being able to legitimately trust doctors again.

19:35 After I tell Officer Jensen exactly what I think police should do (accept my evidence, preferably electronically, listen to me, help me describe the crime, investigate the crime based on the evidence I provide, and find a way to bring the crime to an end), Jensen says, "Ms Meyer, I don't know... what do you want the Portland Police to do? I'm trying to come to that." It seems pretty clear that Jensen never had any intent of trying to actually help me report a crime. I feel like the things I said to him could all have been put into a report - the attacks from neighboring apartments (and from other locations), the names I named, the general description of the crime - it seems like this all could have been the basic stuff put into a police report. Instead, the police spend all their time trying to make the case that I am delusional and that unfounded and unsupported assumption in turn is considered to be "proof" that I'm not a crime victim at all.

In response to his accusations of calling me "delusional" I recite the DSM-V definition of "delusions" which I know by heart by now, and explain why my assertions cannot factually be defined as delusions. I then describe to him some of my concerete evidence in the form of frequency tracing and EMF detection in my apartment, and of my own body.

The response? "Ms Meyer, it sounds like you have a lot of distrust for the medical field, but it seems like that is ultimately your best option. I think youn probably need to speak with a psychiatrist or a psychologist."

To qualify my experiences in medicine as distrust is a huge distortion of what is really going on, but it is fascinating to me how steadfastly both the police and FBI revert to telling me that my answer is to speak with a doctor or psychiatrist after I tell them that I have reason to believe the hospitals are involved in murder.

I find it bizarre as well that Officer Jensen refuses to accept evidence electronically. "I'm not going to have you sending me the stuff electronically" - saying instead that I should type hyperlinks into printed materials and mail it to the precinct. The reason given for refusing an electronic submission is "I do not think that it is based in reality." If that's the case, why should it matter what format I use?

Follow up - return call from Project Respond 4:55pm July 17, 2021

I decided to follow up on Officer Zentener's claim that Project Respond had told her (before I had even spoken with her) that she should send an ambulance to take me to a mental (behavior control) hospital, presumably OHSU Cascadia. These things are done when a person is deemed to be a danger to themself or others, so I felt that was a bit extreme under the circumstances (same as January 20, 2014, I'm just trying to report a crime) and was in fact not only unwarranted, but it was a scare, control and defamatory tactic intended to build a stronger case (via paper trail) that I'm mentally unstable. The worker who speaks to me about this claims that there is no record of anyone at Project Respond having spoken to anyone in the police department about me, except for early 2014 when my mother called them and falsely claimed I was physically interfering with her ability to come and go.

Based on what the worker tells me, my initial conclusion is that Officer Zentener was lying about Project Respond recommending they send an ambulance, but thinking about it, I realize it's equally possible that someone at Project Respond did speak with Zentener but didn't document the discussion.

Seeking help from law enforcement