FBI & Police

August 7, 2020 calls to Portland Police

attempt to report dangerous attacks to my heart

First call to Portland Police 11:50am

First call seems to have been dropped

Second and third call to Portland Police 11:58am

Second call is dropped after 40 seconds. I make a third call. After being on hold for about eight minutes, I decide to try to file a report online.

Fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh call to Portland Police 12:19pm

Several dropped calls, then on hold for about 1/2 hour. 0:40 "I wonder what that is all about" - I'm referring to the weird fax-like ring-tone. As I wait on hold, you can hear aircraft flying over (probably police or FBI). 33:57 I say "when I close my eyes I see wood-grain" - maybe indicating finance linked to timber or wood products industry. 36:45 the call is answered. Responder takes my name, address, and phone number. I tell her that I need some kind of "frequency scan" (frequency tracing, bug detection) done on my body. She tells me that an officer will call me back.

Return call from Portland Police 1:54pm

I tell police officer (Officer Bowles?) I'm being attacked in the heart with frequency-based weapons. I tell her that I've used a bug detector to detect "pings" coming off of different areas of my body, including from my heart. I explain to her that I also had issues with an implanted dental crown. Police officer tells me "there's nothing I can do to help you. I have no way of detecting radio frequencies." She then suggests I call "Project Respond" - mobile mental health counselors - as if the problem I'm describing is imaginary and can be fixed with counseling. Says "I don't know anything about surveillance, counter-surveillance, radio frequencies." This is something which I find very difficult to believe in this day and age. She then suggests that I go to an Emergency Room and so I explain to her that I believe the hospitals are involved in the crime. She says "There's nothing I can do for you, and I'm busy so I can't be on the phone with you."

My medical records indicate that, because of these attacks to my heart, I did end up going to the emergency room at Providence Hospital the following day. I don't know yet what the doctor wrote into the visit notes as they were not entered into MyChart, meaning that in order to find out what the doctors had to say, I'll need to do a records request.

Aug 7, 2020
watching drones, discussing implants, after speaking with police

Seeking help from law enforcement