FBI & Police

July 30, 2020 calls to FBI

attempt to report dangerous attacks to my heart

First and second call to Portland FBI office 12:43pm

I try to describe what is going on, and the dispatch agents hang up on me.

Third call to Portland FBI office 12:58pm

Sometimes my audio recordings get trimmed by an outside hand. I suspect that may have happened here. My recollection is the way this call ended was that while I was on hold, Providence Hospital called in and the call to the FBI was simultaneously dropped. If I am correct, then it suggests an interest in covering up a close link between the FBI and Providence Hospital.

Fourth call to Portland FBI office 1pm

4:06 I say "This is a federal crime" and the agent hangs up on me. At the time I made this report I did not think the FBI was directly involved in the activities and assaults I was describing. My understanding has since evolved.

I had been at the Emergency Room at Providence Hospital earlier in the day. In fact, I ended up in the Emergency Room on 7/30, 8/8, 8/10, and 8/17. All of these visits were because of persistant directed energy attacks to my heart. On 8/19 I had to get a same day appointment due to severe back pain. At this time none of these ER visits have chart notes showing in my records, so it's difficult to know what the doctors had to say. They seem to want to claim that I was having "delusions" which isn't surprising given what I have been asserting with regards to the hospital's role in these implant-based attacks.

photo taken 8pm on July 30 2020 showing sun below a long cloud, pattern of rays shooting up into skyphoto taken 8pm on July 30 2020 shows sun on horizon below a long cloud

Seeking help from law enforcement