Delusional Disorder Discussion

Shaun Burns Visit 6 - April 6 2021

notes below video

My intent was to explain and show evidence in support of some of the more unusual and perhaps difficult to believe aspects of the situation I am in. Before our first meeting I had sent Burns a document with links to such evidence but he sweepingly dismissed it all as not convincing or compelling.

I am unable to show evidence, perhaps because of restrictions put media sharing by Providence Hospital. I spend quite a bit of time explaining what I understand to be true about post World War II mind control programs and their links to Operation Paperclip and the field of psychology (specifically to the Diagnostic Standards Manual) and what I learned about the C.I.A's post-WWII interest in "electronic anesthesia" as well as drugs like L.S.D. My main intent here is to explain mainly the physical logistics and secondarily the cultural approach behind how a person can be implanted with a wireless body area network but be unaware of it.

This is how Burns summarizes the visit in his notes

...the patient spoke again of her concerns about her welfare and safety as she contends she is subject to a massive conspiracy attempting to undermine her health and that of others close to her. The patient spoke of Nazi involvement, abduction, frequency-based mind control devices, and what she believes are efforts to enslave her.

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Thoughts about role of delusional disorder diagnosis recorded on March 4, 2021 after first visit with Dr Burns

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