Delusional Disorder Discussion

Shaun Burns Visit 5 - April 2 2021

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"Did you get my email" I had written through MyChart to ask Dr Burns to tell me what specifically I'd said that he thought was delusional so that I could address those issues.

3:00 Dr Burns - "I think the things that stuck out to me that seem improbable is that you've been implanted with devices while you're sleeping... I think you described being abducted before, that you're a target of government or systematic or health-related or crime-related targeting, there there are a series of drones... that are monitoring you and influencing your health by sending signals, that you've been a target of these infra... not infra-red but sonic-type attacks... but I think the biggest thing that sticks out to me at this point is you feel it's kind of a coordinated, almost approaching global effort, and that there's something sort of unique about you or your family lineage that has been targeted"

I find it interesting that Dr Burns mentions "infra red" attacks. I'm not certain if there is anything called an "infra red attack" but in fact infra red technology does seem to have been used, specifically in January 2014, to disrupt my car's electrical system just prior to the abduction event he keeps mentioning. I didn't mention the use of infrared technology to Dr Burns.

I assert that it is not necessary for Dr Burns to disprove my statements, just as it isn't necessary for me to "prove" my statements. The issue at hand with regards to delusional disorder is whether my statements can be reasonably supported with evidence and logic, or whether they are fixed beliefs unamenable to change in light of conflicting evidence.

18:00 "Control of information is huge" - I mean it's a huge part of keeping the crime going. I truly think if the majority of people could see the scope of the crime in the light of day - the history of it, the intent around it, the body count linked to it, the long term plans at work - the crime would not survive. That is why there is such an effort to control systems that distribute information, from internet companies to newspapers to schools to government offices.

18:26 "Also there's been a lot of targeted killings going on"

19:46 "Drawing rings around the sun, the rose, the cat... these names they give us so they can dehumanize us. Part of the dehumanization process has been to implant these devices and to tell people we're dolls to be played with and controlled - and that we're not human. And that when they're done with us they're going to murder us, and that's where we're at right now."

20:08 I start to talk more about the deception going on around the murder plot but get sidetracked talking about "telepathy" - the sending and receiving of information via thought and dreams - probably because to understand what I was about to say you'd have to know about the role of telepathy. I suspect this telepathy is one of the things that worries people like Dr Burns, because it is a way for me to receive information without a word being spoken or written to me. This is one likely reason not only for the delusional disorder misdiagnosis, but it is also a reason wby my brain is being targeted with these weapons.

23:20 "I got a telepathic message about you having to do with Blue Rhino Propane" - since then I've received more and more messages about Dr Burns. All indications are that Shaun Burns is involved in directed energy attacks and assassinations.

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