Delusional Disorder Discussion

Shaun Burns Visit 3 - March 17, 2021

my notes below video

For the first three minutes of the video I'm trying to get Dr Burns to give some kind of evidence in support his position that I have a delusions.

When I ask "how do you determine what is real?" he responds it's a "reasonable question." I ask if I had not done a good enough job presenting evidence in support of the things I've been describing (1:00-2:15) and his response is that he doesn't want to debate "evidence or reality or lack of reality."

2:40 I say "It's the lynchpin that this all rests on" - by which I mean the notion of whether a person has delusional disorder is contingent on whether or not a person has delusions. Delusions are defined as beliefs not amenable to change in light of conflicting evidence. It seems like these doctors just want to say I have delusions without supporting their diagnoses with anything beyond "her story seems unlikely."

Also notice that when I say "lynchpin that this all rests on" Dr Burns looks at his hand and opens his mouth (sign language signifying something that is being kept silent) - I believe he's responding here partly to the word "lynchpin" - that this is really about pinning me down and lynching me, and this is entirely about covering up a very big crime involving the medical industry, and extending up to the very highest levels in this country.

That's what's REALLY going on.

2:48 I'm making a point here that reality matters because if what I'm saying is real (and it is), it means I am a crime victim in danger (I am) - as opposed to someone "suffering" from a "delusional belief system."

5:30 "My job as a psychologist is generally to support people when they're going through distressing, painful, difficult times." There's a whole lot to unpack here with regards to this particular crime and its focus on psychological warfare, medical attacks and defamation, and manipulation of information. My experience is these false diagnoses are used to discredit the victim and cover the crime, and that is another clear role that psychologists are playing.

"If I described a crime to you that involved sex trafficking, torture, and other types of attacks, would you have an obligation to report that? ... The difference is a person has an imaginary problem that's not real, and the real problem is the person is believing things that aren't real, versus the person has a real problem - a person is actually physically being harmed and in danger of further harm. So it's a pretty big difference between being delusional and not actually being delusional and having a valid complaint."

7:30 "This does seem to be a bloodline thing... it seems to be a hereditary thing" - this seems to be the bit that Dr Burns pulls for a quote in his chart notes which her writes as "there is a hereditary element to my situation" - it is my opinion that this pull quote (actually a paraphrase) is left vague in a manner which could invite speculation that I have some kind of "hereditary" mental illness, as opposed to what I was actually trying to explain, which is that the position I'm in is inherited. In other words, the word "hereditary" can refer to inheritance (which is how I was using the word) or to genetics. Placing this quote into the chart notes without context could invite focus on the meaning I did NOT intend. There are other reasons for me to be concerned about this as the crimes around my family do in fact seem to involve portraying medically manufactured harm as genetically inherited illness.

16:29 "We have a problem of people being made sick on purpose, being harmed, and being killed through these implants" - I'm asserting that the crime is being run through medical systems, police, and FBI - and that the reason for discounting my evidence and experiences is to cover these crimes of people being made sick and murdered for the purpose of professional advancement and financial gain.

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