Delusional Disorder Discussion

Shaun Burns Visit 6 - April 6 2021

chart notes and commentary

Pull quote "I watched my dog die an absolutely terrible death due to implants." The actual quote, at 4:54 is "...I watched my dog die a horrible death - horrible - due to implants."

I don't know if there is a significant difference between "terrible" and "horrible," except that "horrible" sounds like "whore-able" - and I repeat the word twice. This is nothing I was conscious of at the time. I'm wondering if the word "absolutely" is important here. I wonder if there's some kind of link to the idea of the "abdomen" where these implants are located. Also, the choice to include this quote comes off as a potential threat or warning to us or to others. Chris was at this time being attacked in his stomach with frequency based weapons worse and worse and he had to go to the emergency on the morning of the 8th. These weapons are used to create infections and abscesses and this is what was done to him. Also, I now suspect a link between Shaun Burns and Becky White, and a link between Becky White and the horrible attack on my Siberian Husky, Tristan, in January 1991.

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Thoughts about role of delusional disorder diagnosis recorded on March 4, 2021 after first visit with Dr Burns

Regarding Burns' use of inaccurate and misleading pull quotes in chart notes