Delusional Disorder Discussion

Shaun Burns Visit 3 - March 17 2021

chart notes and commentary

The pull quote "there is a hereditary element to my situation" is a paraphrase which I suspect is left deliberately vague because the vagueness could be misleading. The closest actual quote is just past seven minutes in the video "This does seem to be a bloodline thing... it seems to be a hereditary thing" It is my opinion that Dr Burns use of the word "hereditary" in the pull quote (actually a paraphrase) could invite speculation that I have some kind of "hereditary" mental or physical illness, as opposed to what I was actually trying to explain, which is that the position I'm in is inherited. In other words, the word "hereditary" can refer to inheritance (which is how I was using the word) or to genetics. I am not talking about genetics. However, some of the cimes around my family do in fact seem to involve portraying medically manufactured harm as genetically inherited illness, in part to disguise what is going on, and in part to facilite the tradition of matched, linked, or "twin" attacks.

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Thoughts about role of delusional disorder diagnosis recorded on March 4, 2021 after first visit with Dr Burns

Regarding Burns' use of inaccurate and misleading pull quotes in chart notes