Delusional Disorder Discussion

Shaun Burns Visit 2 - March 12 2021

chart notes and commentary

I don't agree that I have a "persecutory belief system." What I have is a set of hypotheses about what is going on, based on the evidence that is available to me.

Another thing that stands out here is the pull quote which is not an actual quote "I think it is delusional that you can just diagnose someone without considering evidence and have such a tremendous impact on their lives." What I said was that I was not the one with fixed beliefs unamenable to change in light of conflicting evidence.

chart notes

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March 12 2021 visit 2

March 17 2021 visit 3

March 26 2021 visit 4

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April 6 2021 visit 6

Thoughts about role of delusional disorder diagnosis recorded on March 4, 2021 after first visit with Dr Burns

Regarding Burns' use of inaccurate and misleading pull quotes in chart notes