Delusional Disorder

March 4, 2021 discussion

Part 2

In order to be diagnosed with delusional disorder, you have to have delusions as defined by the DSM-V - "fixed beliefs that are not amenable to change in light of conficting evidence." (p 87, 90)

00:47 I realize the document is from Oct 2019, not Oct 2020. In Oct 2019 I was only able to access a single case study online for Delusional Disorder (DD) - it was a study from India and from my perspective, it was entirely unconvincing as to whether the patient was legitimately delusional, or a sexual abuse survivor being disingenuously discredited

2:18 I believe that due to the nature and intensity of the surveillance around me, and because of the nature, severity, and political and social volatility of the crimes being covered up (in other words, what could potentially happen if the crimes are fully revealed) - the reason why there are now so many case studies available online is essentially to build up a profile that they can then pigeonhole me into. In other words, I am centered in this crime, and therefore the Delusional Disorder diagnosis is being customized to fit me and anyone else who notices and threatens to reveal important aspects of the crime. The crime being sexualized surveillance trafficking, medical trafficking, covert human subjects research, and a system of financed illness and murders enacted through law enforcement, hospitals, and certain universities involved in wireless frequency research.

2:45 there are many reasons why I've avoided getting into the details around why the crime I am describing center Chris, me, and my daughter, not the least of which is all of the traps written into the DSM around such a concept. It is also a trap, however, to allow a disingenuous document or disingenuous use of a document to push me away from describing important and truthful aspects of the situation.

3:03 disinformation programs, especially the Targeted Individuals disinformation program, tends to mirror their disinformation claims to factual claims I have made, or claims they anticipate me making based on what I might uncover. Other disinformation programs are similar, especially with regards to making claims about child trafficking (Q-anon and Pizzagate for example). There really is child trafficking going on, and it really is being protected and covered up by powerful and connected people - it's just that it's an unconventional form of trafficking and can be kept secret from the the trafficking victim.

5:32 a brief look at some of the claims made about case study patient named "Mary" that I suspect are not actually delusions including claims of drone activity above her home, tracking device on her car, etc

15:52 "Delusional disorder doesn't apply to me because I don't have delusions – I have made hypotheses based on evidence, and when the evidence doesn't support my hypotheses, I have modifed my hypotheses to fit the evidence."

16:50 Delusional Disorder found in the DSM-V on page 90. Nine is the number of the Hermit in Rider Waite Tarot - In RW Tarot the hermit carries a bright yellow staff and lights his way using the Seal of Solomon (Star of David shape) in a lantern. I believe the Delusional Disorder diagnosis is tailor made to discredit the claims made by the person put into the position of the hermit with regards to a secret "Game" revolving around the Seal of Solomon. I am in the position of the hermit.

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