Delusional Disorder

March 4, 2021 discussion

Part 1

In order to be diagnosed with delusional disorder, you have to have delusions as defined by the DSM-V - "fixed beliefs that are not amenable to change in light of conficting evidence." (p 87, 90)

1:23 "My copy of the DSM" - to be clear, I only made myself a copy of the relevant portions of the DSM-V, not the entire manual

2:45 belief vs theory (a group of linked ideas intended to explain something; a framework for explaining observations) vs delusion

5:07 loud noise here - what happened? It appears that a heart-shaped glass container I'd been using to hold earrings somehow fell and broke

5:19 in my case (and I think in many cases where someone is diagnosed with Delusional Disorder or DD) psychiatrists are not providing evidence to disprove my assertions

6:30 I know by now that these psychiatrists and doctors are acting in bad faith (and therefore, unethically) - but it is a point I don't usually make as it tends to lead to a communication breakdown and can end up ruining the doctor patient relationship altogether - and I just end up with a bunch of false medical records I can't reasonably address

7:43 I suspect that DD as described in the DSM-V doesn't actually exist in the real world, that it was invented entirely to cover crime

8:50 brief history of DD as a diagnosis (as shown by my research at the time)

12:23 there might be several disorders in the DSM invented for the purpose of covering crime

12:42 there are disorders in the DSM that are actually deliberately manufactured personality traits created by deliberate application of trauma during stages of childhood - this is another thing I can provide evidence for as necessary

13:15 regarding the difficulty of finding case studies for Delusional Disorder in 2019 - note that throughout this video I mistakenly think this document is from LAST October, five months ago. It is actually from October 2019 which explains why there are SO MANY more "case studies" online now, nearly a year and a half later.

13:57 January 20 2014 blog comment "I'm afraid you may become a a danger to yourself and others" - the blog was about decoding meanings behind use of color (red and blue specifically) in visual media

17:29 here is where I'm making the mistake - I researched and wrote "DD as a Fake Disorder" in October 2019, not 2020

18:00 I make the same date mistake again (The error is corrected in the follow up video) there are many more case studies online now, which is good, but a cursory glance shows that they all suffer from this issue of glossing over the key question of whether a patient legitimately has false beliefs

18:15 Numbers are coded to add additional layers of meanings. Medical professionals in my experience use this coding all the time. Although the coded number system seems to be at least 500 years old (I have detected it in Shakespeare and in the Bible) I use Rider-Waite Tarot to decode it.

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Thoughts about role of delusional disorder diagnosis recorded on March 4, 2021 after first visit with Dr Burns

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