Psychotic Spectrum Disorders

psychosis, bipolar disorder, delusional disorder

In order to cover crimes and misdeeds linked to law enforcement and medicine, a variety of false psychological diagnoses have been applied to me in a defamatory manner. Beginning around 2011, it appeared that my severe pain issues were being conflated with "anxiety," and later, when I began to complain of illegal surveillance, the false diagnoses quickly moved to the psychosis spectrum. This is because, according to the DSM, patients with disorders on the psychosis spectrum have difficulty discerning what is, and is not real. The intent is to frame my complaints as not being reality-based in attempts to justify not taking them, or me, seriously.

After cycling through various "disorders," beginning in 2014 doctors seemed to settle on the idea that I suffer from something called "delusional disorder." This diagnosis encourages the dismissal of any and all of my concerns as the product of a delusional system. Considering what an all-encompassing diagnosis this is, it should be a huge concern that the doctors who have supported this diagnosis in every single case have not been willing or able to refute evidence that I've gathered and presented in support of my claims.

My position

DSM-V (2013) defines delusions as “fixed beliefs that are not amenable to change in light of conficting evidence.” (p 87) Delusional disorder requires that a person has delusions (p 90) lasting longer than one month. Delusional Disorder doesn't apply to me because I have made hypotheses based on evidence, and when I discover evidence that doesn't support some part of my hypothesis, I have modifed my hypotheses to fit the evidence. No matter how "unlikely" any given doctor allegedly finds my claims, evidence-based hypotheses are not equivalent to "delusions."

I do not believe there is anyone who knows me personally, or who is well-informed about this situation who genuinely believes that I am delusional. For one thing, the things I'm saying are truthful and as accurate as possible, a fact is known to many, including everyone who has falsely diagnosed me. My ideas are evidence-based, not evidence-resistant. For another thing, this bigger plan to frame and murder us is also widely known and has been symbolically alluded to for years. The delusional disorder diagnosis is nothing more than a stalling technique intended to get us - and others - killed. It seems like the intent is to squeeze as much profit as possible out of the trafficking victims, then murder the victims (and potential witnesses) and move on to exploit the next set of victims.

I've gone round and round with doctors about this Delusional Disorder misdiagnosis. It is such a simple thing, that it seems unbelievable doctors would persist with this false diagnosis despite all the evidence I've been able to gather in support of my claims. It plays into the fascination with irony that comes up so often in these crimes in that it is in fact the doctors persisting in falsehoods despite any and all evidence.

Because this false diagnosis was getting in the way of me receiving proper medical care, I asked my current doctor, Dr Warrington, to remove it, being as it's based on absolutely nothing substantial. He referred me to Dr Burns, saying that he felt him addressing it would interfere in our doctor-patient relationship.

The reality is that Providence Hospital has been given, and accepted, a mission to murder me, Chris, and probably my daughter as well. The false diagnosis is part of that mission. Everyone who has lied about us, twisted the truth, lied to Chris about me, sabotaged us, and kept us down has been part of this mission.

Because my life is in imminent danger in no small part due to these falsehoods, I made screen capture of these visits so that the visit iteslf could be compared to Burns' notes and diagnosis.

Shaun Burns visit videos, notes, commentary

Feb 22 2021 visit 1

March 12 2021 visit 2

March 17 2021 visit 3

March 26 2021 visit 4

April 2 2021 visit 5

April 6 2021 visit 6

Thoughts about role of delusional disorder diagnosis recorded on March 4, 2021 after first visit with Dr Burns

Regarding Burns' use of inaccurate and misleading pull quotes in chart notes