1990s-May 2017 directed energy hit history

Written July 28, 2017. Updated Sept 15, 2017

NOTE: I'm leaving this document basically intact as it was when I stopped working on it in 2017, including the paragraphs where I reference people who I've since learned are disinformation agents, including Katherine Horton of Switzerland, Karen Melton Stewart of Florida, and a Twitter account with the handle of implantedTI claiming to be a Navy veteran living in Burbank, California. The role of these disinformation account in misleading me is significant, especially since good information about what was happening to me was essentially impossible to find. I did not understand that these accounts, and the concept of "targeted individuals" was disinformation until Spring of 2019, a full two years later.

Before 1990

I was born in 1968. I know I was being affected by beam weapons from a very young age because of dreams I had probably going back to 1971. Which I will write about in "sleep+dreams" folder.


Sometime in the late 1990s or early 2000s I noticed a burn on my ankle of an unknown origin. I can't remember whether this occurred in Portland or in Humboldt County, or whether it was before or after the birth of my daughter. The burn was about 1/2 wide and 2 inches long. After thinking hard and failing to come up with an origin for it, I concluded that it must be some kind of unknown chemical exposure. Now that I have received two very similar burns "out of thin air" on both hands, I recognize that it was a DEW burn.

It may be notable that during that time period I had my car tires slashed twice - once in Eureka (Cutten) and once in Arcata - by neighbors. I thought of the tire slashing as a random event, but in retrospect I wonder if the tire slashing could have been minor hate crimes directed against a mixed-race family.

2017-07-25 UPDATE: the day after writing this first part of the narrative (~7/22/17), I experienced a strong pain on my inside left ankle, where I recall seeing that microwave burn all those years ago (I remember the location on my ankle, bug not which leg or whether it was on the inside or outside) and the pain covered about the same area as that burn as well. Maybe there was an implant that I was previously unaware of, being activated in response to what I've been writing. It is possible that there has been an implant in that area since whenever I noticed the burn?

Was it in the mid 1990s when I was working for an anti-toxics environmental organization? We went up against the pesticide industry and my job involved research in which I called and/or wrote chemical makers like Monsanto and Bayer and asked questions about their pesticides. There currently seems to be a pattern connected to energy and/or pharmaceutical companies.

In the 1990s I received health care from the University Health Center at HSU, then from the County of Humboldt. Between 1995-2000 I received health care from United Indian Health Services. Were any of them connected to this?


January 2009 I moved with my daughter into the yellow house on 6124 SE Sherman Street. Late February 2009 Chris began to work with me on guitar as we prepared to do a performance together. After the first or second meeting with Chris I found a white, black, and red poker chip with the number "1" on it on the sidewalk outside of my house.

Chris & I got together as a couple in mid-March and he had essentially moved in by April. ~ a couple weeks after he moved in, I got an email from an old high school friend, CoVan Nguyen. CoVan is an M.D. who at the time had an administrative role with the county health department. She has two sons who are few years younger than my daughter. Covan wanted to get together, so I invited her over to my new place for tea one morning. Chris wasn't around at the time.

I remember that I was probably on the tail end of a chronic pain flare up (which tend to be most common between November and March) and had been taking ibuprofen. CoVan noticed that the skin on the upper inside part of my arms was speckled with a lot of tiny spots which appeared to be burst blood vessels. She told me that it was the sign of a health problem. I had never noticed these marks before she pointed them out to me. I thought at the time they might be related to the ibuprofen, since I suffered a lot of troublesome effects with ibuprofen including, at times, rashy skin. (Because of side effects, I no longer take ibuprofen as an NSAID for back pain & use aspirin now instead.) In any case, I had not seen these marks before Covan pointed them out in April 2009, and they have been on my arms ever since. They have not significantly increased or decreased in number. I have received other similar marks on other parts of my body since then, associated with DEW attacks.


I began using medical marijuana in 2011. One thing that was strange about the house on Sherman Street is I often noticed - and for a time it was very consistent - that when I smoked marijuana, one of my pupils would dilate larger than the other one. This went on for a long time, and I even asked my doctor about it. Oddly, this ended immediately after moving out of that house. However, to this day smoking marijuana seems to be seen as some kind of green light for some degree of DEW attack, or if I am already being attacked, increased attacks (obviously an effort at trauma-conditioning). The different sized pupils may have been a natural, temporary, condition, but probably were the result of a type of attack specific to that location.

Being attacked specifically for (legal) use of marijuana is one reason I suspect pharmaceutical company involvement. (See also 1951 Walt Disney comic: Mickey Mouse & the Medicine Man.) Another reason has to do with use of hypnotic technique in pharmaceutical commercials on TV that also seems to be linked to DEW use. A third reason is the strong historical connection between pharmaceutical industry and MKULTURA.

Another thing to note is that my computer screen is often turned off and on by an external force, presumably as a form of communication. This probably began around 2010 or 2011 and for a very long time I thought it was a sign that my computer was failing in some way. Now I know it's part of the surveillance & mind control. That phenomenon continues to this day.

My daughter has had stomach problems on and off throughout her childhood. While living at that house it there was a period of time where she would vomit or just quickly expel parts of her stomach a dozen times a day. I, on the other hand, almost never vomit. But there was a night in 2013 where I spontaneously vomited. I thought it was an out-of-character response to strong emotion and a small amount of alcohol then; now I think it was the result of a directed energy attack.

Before very recently, I had no idea that anything like directed energy weapons existed. I was aware that there were electrical fields around power plants, old television sets and T.V. monitors that you could sometimes sense, and these fields are not supposed to be healthy - but I had no idea that electrical fields and radio frequencies were being used as weaponry.


January 2014

As I have noted in my narratives, after the organized stalking began very suddenly around January 20, 2014, and seeing signs that my attorney was not being honest about conflicts of interest (or worse) I thought maybe I could find legal advice or help in California. And because I was concerned about my phone being tapped, I thought maybe I should travel to California, and seek legal help in person. And as I have written, I was followed, the electrical system in my car was hijacked, and other electrical systems were jammed as well, from my hotel room door to elevators at the airport.

At one point during my trip I was boxed in on an off ramp by two metal-box type trucks and I began to feel a strong force around me. In retrospect, I recognize that it was an electromagnetic field. I had my computer in the car which contained evidence of illegal surveillance, and as I felt that force, I became worried that they were using some kind of giant magnet to erase my hard drive. I chose to step on the gas and speed around the trucks before they could cause damage to me or my computer.

The following day I was captured (or kidnapped, from a legal point of view) and taken to a behavioral health center on a 72 hour hold that they were able to use loopholes to extend to about 5 days. I was given relatively high does of very sedating anti-psychotic drug risperidol and was told I needed to take it in order to be released. As a result, there was a period of a couple days where I did almost nothing but sleep. After that, the risperidol dosage was reduced somewhat. On the last couple of days of my stay - especially the final morning (2/2) - I noticed that not only was I feeling sedated, but my hands were also trembling. I attributed both the sedation and the parkinson's like involuntary movement to side effects of risperidol. After I left the hospital, I began to recover from the shaky sensations. However, while sitting with my father in the airport, the shaky hands came back again. I then noticed a man who appeared to be of north African descent sitting across from me, about 10 feet away, pointing a device at me that looked like a walkie-talkie. If I moved away from the direct line of the device's antenna, I felt relief. It looked like the same device I saw an airport security guard using a week earlier to jam the parking garage elevators. In this case, it seemed that the device was creating the bizarre effect I was feeling, and he was pointing the antenna at me very intently. So I walked over to the man and asked politely if he was pointing the device at me. He got very defensive and quickly moved away. Once he was gone, I felt much better. I understood at that point that the device was being used as some kind of weapon.

February 2014

My mother picked my father and I up at the airport. It was February 2, 2014. I was looking forward to going home and seeing Chris and my daughter. However, without saying a word, my mother drove us directly to Cascadia Behavioral Health Center in Portland. It was about 8 or 9 pm. She claimed to be going to get a prescription (more risperidol, which I insisted I didn't need, and had no intention of taking) but she kept trying to get me to go inside. I begged her to just take me home. Then she said in this weird, calm, final voice, "If you won't go in, then I have no choice…" I wasn't about to stay and hear what she had no choice about, or to let myself get kidnapped again, so I jumped out of the car and and started running through the back streets towards home (about a mile away).

While I was running for home I noticed that I was being followed very closely: cars were following me up these little side streets, including at least one police car, and people would step out onto their porches as I went by. I wondered how they were tracking me, because I didn't have any phone with me - the only thing I had with me was my wallet and a brand new set of car keys I had just bought (to the tune of $150), which had a chip inside them. I thought that maybe they were able to track my car keys, or maybe when the sheriffs were going through my things, they put a tracking device inside my wallet somewhere. I had no idea why I was being tracked, or what these people's intent was. I stashed the chipped part of my car keys in one spot and my wallet in another. I returned the following morning to try and retrieve the items, but both my car key chip and my wallet were gone.

By that point, I had been under the false impression for 5 years that the homes around our home were essentially unoccupied. (I've written about this elsewhere.) As a result, I had never been particularly careful about covering windows. Now that I understood there was more to the story, the first thing I did after arriving home is pull out my sewing machine, find some old fabric, and immediately begin making curtains. I also tried to figure out where cameras may have been hidden inside my home.

One or two mornings after arriving home, while I was in my bedroom looking for possible hidden cameras, a tiny fly or gnat buzzed into my ear. This struck me as suspicious because I had never had this happen to me before, and it was just another of many very odd things that were happening all at once. Again, I immediately wondered if it was some kind of spy technology - and it seems like I had already read in a magazine about such technology being invented. But when it flew away from my ear, out into the room, it looked and moved like a genuine insect. So I dismissed it (at that time) as a weird coincidence, maybe.

Now, the stalking, the insect flying into my ear immediately after arriving home, and the heavy sedation I experienced at the hospital makes me think that I had been implanted at the hospital (if not earlier).

March or April 2014 (?)

It's probably worth noting here that in addition to intense group stalking and lots of street theatre, after arriving home I noticed a lot of vehicles driving up and down 60th avenue that seemed to be associated with the federal government. (I would take a walk every day around the 60th avenue reservoir at Mt. Tabor.) I understood that these vehicles had something to do with what I had just gone through, and it had not escaped me that in the behavioral health hospital, MKULTRA techniques were being used on me, or that products used at the hospital were came from a company in Virginia. Beyond that, I was confused about what was going on and who was behind it.

Across from my bedroom window there is an elderly care home called "The Courtyard" which seemed to be involved in the surveillance activities (as I've written about before). On and off throughout the day, every day, a loud generator sound would go on from the Courtyard's property. I never thought much of it. However, one day that spring, I heard another, different, even louder ambient noise go off, almost like a jet engine. This time it sounded like it was coming from my neighbor's home. The home was (is?) owned by a woman named Alexis, who had by that time moved to Bend, Oregon, and rented it to a bunch of college-age kids who were rarely home. (This is a familiar pattern by now.) The home appeared to be unoccupied at the time that very loud noise began. As the noise went off, I began to feel a strange "pulling" sensation throughout the entire house, like an energetic field. It felt dangerous. I was alone in the house, and had been working at the computer. I immediately put my shoes on, left the house, and began to take a walk around the reservoir. As I passed a home near the reservoir, I saw some men working in a yard. It's a large unfenced yard that faces the street, and the homeowner usually just poisons his entire lawn with herbicides every year. I'd never seen anyone working in that yard before, but today there were a couple of men, maybe in their early 30s, working in the yard. They didn't really look like yard workers, though. They looked much more like government guys. As I walked by the yard they both looked at me and smirked.

When I returned home, about an hour later, the noise was gone, and everything was back to normal. There was someone at the Alexis' home. I knocked on the door and asked him if he knew anything about a loud noise coming from the property. (Again - the noise had been very loud.) He said no, and suggested it was the Courtyard generator.

While stalking and street theatre continued, and basically became part of my everyday life, I don't recall any other notable events associated with directed energy weapons that year. We moved into our current apartment in July and August 2014. At some point - maybe Fall of 2014 - a tooth on the left hand side of my mouth cracked. The dentist said it could not be saved, and I would have to have it pulled or get a root canal and crown. My mother offered to pay for a crown. The crown was, and is, fairly uncomfortable in my mouth. It is considerably wider than the natural tooth was. A couple years later, the same tooth on the opposite side developed a crack. The dentist was ready to do the same thing on that side of the mouth, but this time he said the tooth was not dead yet, and so I have not yet done anything with that tooth.

I now believe that the crown contains a chip, and based on the experience of other TIs and information from the Charles Schlund affidavit, I suspect that the cracks in my teeth may be partially related to directed energy frequency attacks.

The next noticeable directed energy attacks began early 2015.


This apartment that we live in was found & funded by my mother. It is located 1/2 mile from a power substation.

As weird as things were throughout 2014, they got a lot weirder beginning in January 2015. There were bizarre hypnosis-inducing and subliminal effects on the television, and probably the weirdest thing for me that month was the Red Cross bloodmobile incident Sunday before the Superbowl. (see narratives)

I recall waking up in the middle of the night (about 2 am) it must have been in late March 2015 - with noticeably shaky hands, just like I had experienced at the hospital and at the airport. I believed that the attack was coming from a neighboring apartment or apartments. This was the beginning of a long period of directed energy attacks that has waxed and waned over the past 28 months, but never ended.

At this point, one attack runs into the next. The attacks affected my memory and all different physiological processes. I woke up nearly every morning - and continue to wake up many mornings - with eyes reddened from the attacks. As noted before, a couple of attacks were brutal enough to make me feel nearly lobotomized, unable to remember where I was, barely able to walk. Frequently they made me sleepy and tired during the day. They gave me headaches, stomach aches, dried mucus membranes. Everyone around me seemed to be aware that these attacks were going on. Some would "warn" me using (usually AA) batteries as symbols; others treated it as a joke and seemed to take a lot of pleasure in the cruelty of it. After the most brutal attacks I found red blotches on my temples, and I also suffered a burst blood vessel in one eye. I had frequent nose bleeds. 2015 document written by me, explaining that I'm regularly being attacked with wireless electronic devices

Nov 10, 2015

I have been repeatedly "shocked" with what appears to be wireless electronic devices... the initial symptoms are "hot flashes." Sometimes they would make me have to urinate frequencly, sometimes they made my hands shake. At least once I was shocked so severely that I could barely stand, walk, or think the following day. Another symptom is sleepiness the following day. At least twice these shocks left red marks on my skin, on my temple, forehead. Usually they left my eyes bloodshot and my mucous membranes dry. Once it left a red blotch in one eye. I assume this was done through my ceiling from upstairs apartments as I slept (D11). I could tell that many people in Portland knew about this.


In February 2016 I was attacked by directed energy weapons while at work, presumably from upstairs. That is the last time I worked.

As I sit down to write this on July 24, 2017 I've found that I struggle to remember 2016. I guess Pokemon Go came out exactly one year ago. I played it for several months, then stopped. Looking back at my computer I see I was busy going over medical records and writing affidavits. When I wasn't doing that I was messing around with my website.

In June of 2016 the New York Times published an article called "The United States of Paranoia" (Mike McPhate) which was essentially a hit piece on targeted individuals, with the usual accusations of mental illness. A person I recently followed on Twitter, Karen Stewart, a 30 year NSA veteran, commented on the NYT twitter feed (or comment section, I can't recall) saying that targeting is real, not delusional. 2021 Note: Karen Stewart was actually interviewed for the NYT article. I now know that Karen, and as far as I can tell EVERYONE interviewed in that article, including the doctors, is disinformation. I do not know if Karen really worked for the NSA, but suspect she did not. Furthermore, and this is very concerning - I believe that the New York Times knew that this article was bunk when they published it. Targeted Individuals are not "mentally ill" - they are doing disinformation in order to discredit me or anyone who steps up to try and tell the truth about what is going on. I can only speculate as to the New York Times' motivations - financial, perhaps? I was impressed by Karen's courage but duly intimidated by the article. In many ways the idea was being communicated to me that if I should step out of line, I would be declared mentally ill - again - and that anything could happen to me as a result. This is one reason I've been working on gathering up as much medical and other paperwork as I can, and challenging or refuting it when it is inaccurate. From 2011 on, most of my medical paperwork is inaccurate.

In September I filed a Title IX complaint against the Portland Community College. It was dismissed for being out of jurisdiction. I was told (or the dismissal letter said) I didn't sufficiently show that the harassment was gender-based.

I don't recall being aware of directed energy attacks during the latter half of 2016 but that doesn't mean they weren't happening. My hermit crabs have been hibernating for a very long time.

In late December of 2016 I discovered Katherine Horton's YouTube channel. This was probably the most significant thing to happen that year, because she was the first one I saw who clearly explained what directed energy weapons are, and how they work. She also made videos under oath, which I thought was important. This is when I truly began to understand that I am not the only person being targeted and attacked in this way.

UPDATE Sept 15, 2017

My daughter visited on Sept 13. I noticed several small dark moles on the (right?) underside of her chin & neck that I had never seen or at least not noticed before. She said they dated back to high school. I have barely been able to see my daughter since early 2014 due to the chaos that has been caused in my life. She graduated high school in June 2014. I know the beam weapons attacks were going on in our home during the years she was in high school.


I watched as Dr. Horton uploaded video after video detailing her torture and her very rational pleas for help which were constantly being ignored. In March I offered to write an affidavit about my own experiences as support for the court case she is organizing.

In the process of writing that affidavit, the attacks began again, and were more brutal than ever. I also began researching MKULTRA again, and found that there is a great deal of new information online which I had not seen when I was first researching MKULTRA in 2013. Research or writing about MKULTRA seemed to invite brutal attacks. I have written about some of these in the DEW affidavit, and other attacks have been detailed in the notes section of the DEW attack directory. During the month of April it seemed like most of the attacks were coming from hand held devices (maybe this was true and maybe it wasn't; at the time I didn't understand how beam attacks can come from antennas and/or the sky).

From this point, the DEW affidavit and DEW map are a good source of information about what I was experiencing in April and May 2017. Around May 18 I noticed attacks that seemed to be coming from overhead wires, and which hit me even when I didn't carry a phone. About that time I was also hit at Mt. Tabor, far away from any people, visible aircraft, or wires.

Those notes end on May 22, 2017.

May 23, 2017 was the first time that I noticed a star-like drone hovering above me. This changed my whole understanding of how this works & I will write about that in a separate document.

I will also cover induced dreams (and dreams that were probably induced), and mood or personality changes I noticed were caused by these weapons in another document.

Here are the notes I made between May 1 and May 22, 2017. I've left some of the typos in to remind myself of how difficult it was to type when I was under attacks which caused high sensitivity in my fingertips paired with coordination & cognitive effects:

May 1, 2017

3-4 am faint high pitch sound like tinnitus but pulsing. Esp left ear.

2-3 pm hands shakey sore throat neck ears jaw fingertips racing heart feel like I've been bludgeoned & still getting hit. Yes I will record all these.

May 2, 2017

Woke with red eyes, slightly constricted pupils, signs I was hit in my sleep. Noticeable attacks in morning, 10-11 am. Tingles, head, throat, shakey hands, coordination.

Went outside 11am, attacks continued. Breath, heart, fingertips effects. Metallic taste on tongue. I am pretty sure there are EMF weapons in building E, definitely in building D and possibly in all the City Houses buildings. EMF attacks from other City Houses buildings were not detected prior to April 1, 2017. I've lived here since approx Aug 1, 2014.

May 3, 2017

Beginning to experience attacks w no clear or easily deduced point origin. 9:03 pm @ Northwest corner of Mt Tabor Reservoir 6. I am walking around reservoir. At 9:04 pm a single reservoir light, directly overhead, goes off as I pass beneath. (I snap a blurry photo of it.) Fingers sensitive, tongue, etc. Earlier (around 7:30?) felt really weird & lightheaded (on 60th between home & Stark St, across from high energy transmitters, near photo of plum blossoms). Coordination is off. Tyipng very difgicult. Chest bubbles. Day before yesterday all around SE Portland. Def near back of QFC. So I guess then that is microwave towers & satellites.

Ringing ears on 60th (usually more in left ear) very transient.

A person should have the option of going off grid. Why on earth would you trust guys manning armed microwave towers over a motivated law abiding citizen minding her business? Also this makes drs untrustworthy. Everyone will be afraid of getting a chip secretly implanted.

Warm spot top of head at library, computer 12. Used abt 4:30-6 pm stayed warm long afterward. mild hot flashes this am, red eyes all morning.

It is 9:36 pm & the top of my head still feels warm. It was cooked. Fingers tingle. I am at 61st & SE Ankeny just south of Burnside.

May 4, 2017

1 pm Warm spot on head again, same spot as yesterday, now at coffeeshop. Move & it abates a while. Slightly sensitive firgertips. Tremors in hands.

My head felt OK this morning, noticed heat at coffee shop for sure & maybe at home (I forget). I kept trying to move away from it at coffee shop. I fell asleep at home & woke up feeling awful. Blank & just exploited & raped. My mood is just crappy, and I know it is because of brain damage caused by these attacks.

Saw this link tonight Which describes a similar attack as triggering anger. (2021 NOTE - Katherine Horton is a disinfo account. She does not have a PhD and she is not a doctor. I now believe that Horton was personally involved in or had prior knowledge of the attacks that I would be experiencing, and that she was actually mirroring that when she claimed to be experiencing things that I would then experience for myself a week or two later).

Hot flashes very frequent now, red eyes near constant.

May 5, 2017

Quiet at first, then...

4:00 energy weapon soft hit

4:14 still at it. I do not consent.

4:17 At fist I thought the frequency was being turned down/off but within seconds it was clear it was simply turned to another frequency & then blasted HARD. Grabbed keys & ran outside.

Harmed. Coorfinaton, thoughts - blasted to bits. l continue to be hit outdoors. I try moving to different spots seeking shelter. By now I have all these different locations mapped out around City Houses exterior grounds trying to find relative shelter from these attacks.

Again, no consent. I do not consent to being shot with directed energy weapons, illegally surveilled, and/or behavior-controlled.

4:30 I'm outside & frequency is shifting Please just turn them off.

Frequencies easing. I go inside again. They don't seem to be turned off, but down a lot.

By 6:30 pm the frequencies were backed down to "tolerable" amounts. I don't know if/when they were turned off completely.

About 9pm or so I was in bathroom w lights out,

I believe they use them on me, subtly, at night. I frequently wake up angry now. I can't tell if it is this or the disgusting injustice of this entire situation.

Sore throat before bed, eyes stayed red.

May 6, 2017

7:30 am hot flashes, tongilue tip tingle. Transient & very slight tingling in left fingertips, also overnight.

8:13 nauseated & small burps. Tongue tingling. Signs of an ongoing "minor" EMF attack.

8:17 hot flash

8:26 headache. Tightness in neck. Tongue weird. Beginning to feel angry.

8:36 my typing coordination is getting worse. I gfind a good measure of some of the effects is typing. Fingertip sensations go from fine, to uncomfortable to very painful (fingertip pain seems like a specific attack to control phone use - my internet is also cut) - coordination gets worse. After a hard attack, like 4pm yesterday I almost can't type at all.

I do not consent to being controlled. I do not consent to being ruled by a totalitarian world government.

May 13, 2017

7:30pm being attacked in kitchen

Attacks every day. Mild or punitive.

Punishments for behavior I consider healthy:

  • Reaching out to people who need help.
  • Cannabis legal use.

Sun May 15, 2017

Back problems, neck problems. Daily attacks at home & around town. Harder to pinpoint origins, like a hit or shot. I still feel symptoms tho. Felt significant symptoms at my parents house today & worst rn at 6:56 pm in my kitchen.

Pain beams. Pains in ankle, back, neck

May 15, 2017

7pm Attacks of seeming retaliatory nature off & on all day.

Hit on NE Glisan a regular occurrence. Today was hard & put me off going to store.

Pokey pain hits & all the past hits, tingle breath pain etc.

I am very worried about the female Navy vet in Burbank on Twitter. Her situation seems deadly dangerous. (2021 note - @implantedTI is a disinfo account)

Lots of left ear ringing. Hit in leg now during most trips to Fred Meyer's. Hit inside Freddie's right now near bleach isle 9. Hit "tolerably" but nonconsentually at 7 Virtues Coffee Shop earlier.

May 17, 2017



May 18, 2017

afternoon attacks a "normal" thing last several weeks

Attacked on walk. No phone. No watch. Still closely tracked, bathed in emfs. Almost seemed like coming from overhead wires.

All of SE, prob NE pdx is wired for surveillance & attack. And I am being hit with jolts from this terrifying infrastructure which we have not had an opportunity to talk about as a nation because... we've been so busy keeping it secret?

May 22, 2017

9:37 am Siren outside making "chicken" sounds.

--- original notes end here - not because the attacks ended, but because they got worse and then began to change in nature ---

Injury Documentation