Multigenerational Medical Abuse - Cooper Family

Based on stories told by my grandma, personal experience, and observations made while working on family trees, I know that my maternal family line has been subject to medical experimentation, abuse, and murder going back at least five generations, though I suspect it goes back longer. It's very likely that the medical establishment and others who have profited from this have been so conditioned to accept and normalize this pattern of abuse that they simply accept it, treating us as if we're objects to be used, abused, exploited, and discarded - and they expect and intend for this abuse and exploitation to go on forever.

With regards specifically to psychology and the field of mental health, there has clearly been abuse going back about 100 years. Both my mother Paulette and her sister Joan were clearly subjected to trauma-based psychological (as well as physical, familial, and socioeconomic) manipulations going back to their birth. My Minneapolis-raised grandmother was honeypotted in Seattle by soldier from Chicago, three months pregnant with my mother when they married in 1944, and would be abandoned by him while she was still pregnant with my Aunt Joan. Even though my bio-granddad disappeared from the family in 1947, I strongly suspect he was involved in exploiting and trafficking his ex-wife and daughters from behind the scenes until the day he died from a frequency-induced cancer in Los Angeles, California.

Before this, my grandma had an older sister named Mildred who seems to have been set up by someone she trusted (some kind of minister or religious leader, I beleive) who had been linked to trauma-based mind control activities. This would have been in the 1930s. Mildred was then locked away by the State of Minnesota in Anoka State Hospital, and murdered with induced tuberculosis at age 27. My daughter's paternal great grandmother Delia, a full-blooded Yurok woman, seems to have died around the same time (1937), in the same way (tuberculosis contracted in an institutional setting).

There is reason to suspect Hollywood entertainment industry links to the what happened to Mildred, and it appears that power structures linked to Hollywood regularly use "behavioral health" hospitals and doctors to abuse, disempower, and assassinate. Signs of this can be seen in the biographical details of the life of Francis Farmer, Russell "ODB" Jones, and Britney Spears among others. What seems to be going on is that these set ups, abductions, and misdiagnoses are ordered and paid for by wealthy entities, and carried out as a team effort by law enforcement, first responders, and hospital systems in a linked crime going back several generations.

My Aunt Joan seems to have been psychologically bullied and brutalized through a medical body area network. In her case, she had symptoms of biopolar disorder including episodes of what appeared to be serious psychotic breaks, which terrified her. Over the years she was hospitalized, given shock treatment, and heavily medicated with lithium, eventually requiring a kidney transplant. I believe that all of this was done to her deliberately via wireless body area network, and that part of the reason this was done was to traumatize her and her children, and that it was done partly to break bonds between her and my mother, and that it was also done to plant the idea that there is some kind of multigenerational, possibly genetic, "mental illness" problems in my maternal line.

Shirley Grace Cooper (age about 9 years) and older sister Mildred (age about 17 years)

Grandma Shirley Grace Cooper (age about 9 years) and older sister Mildred (age about 17 years) - photo was taken about 1930 with money earned and saved by Mildred. Mildred was framed, kidnapped, held, and ultimately murdered via induction of tuberculosis.

Delia Chai Thompson Carlson

Archie Thompson's mother Delia Carlson was born in 1898 and died Jan 29 1937 of tuberculosis (birth and death date clipping from ancestry)

Daughter's maternal great grandmother Archie Thompson's mother Delia Carlson was born in 1898 and died Jan 29, 1937, in an institutional setting, also of tuberculosis. No one has ever told me what kind of institution it was, or why she was there. Delia was a full-blooded Yurok woman married to a white man of Finnish descent.

Fictionalized In Film

Bette Davis - Of Human Bondage - 1934

Released June 28, 1934, the Bette Davis film "Of Human Bondage follows Philip Carey (Leslie Howard), an English medical student who abandons his artistic aspirations when he falls for Mildred Rogers (Bette Davis), a callous and manipulative waitress... Whenever it seems that Philip is ready to move on, Mildred reappears, in a seemingly inescapable vicious cycle." (Rotton Tomatoes) - The character Mildred eventually contracts tuberculosis and, the film implies, dies a miserable death, coughing and choking, institutionalized in a hospital.

The real Mildred - my great aunt - was, according to my Grandma, sweet, innocent, artistic, and quiet. My grandma believed Mildred had been set up by a hypnotist preacher for whom she had been babysitting. I believe she was around 19 when she was institutionalized and 27 when she died. When I was a child and young adult, my grandma said I reminded her of Mildred.

I have in fact run into a few different movies that seem to reference the situation with Mildred, both before (Of Human Bondage - 1934) and after (In A Lonely Place - 1950 - a minor character named Mildred is murdered, possibly by a preacher) Mildred's death. I suspect a lot of different things were being achieved with this attack on an innocent young woman, mainly the idea that my mother's family should take care not to resist the demands of the corrupt, trauma-inducing, sex- medical- and murder-trafficking hospitals and and police departments.

Francis Farmer Story

New York Times - The Francis Farmer Story (1983)
"'FRANCES' is based on the sad, profoundly troubled life of Frances Farmer, the golden-bright Seattle high-school girl who had some measure of Hollywood fame in the 1930's... Apparently with her mother's consent, she was subjected to a transorbital lobotomy that turned a talented but disturbed woman into an eerily calm humanoid who lived on until 1970."
New York Times - 12 Dec 1982

Francis Farmer died age 56 of esophageal cancer, the same cancer that killed Chris' maternal aunt Syliva in 2019.