Medical Attacks

One of the biggest and most central components of this crime is the medical industry. Without the complicity of essentially everyone within this industry, these crimes could not be carried out.

The wireless implant networks used to bludgeon and control are both weapons and medical devices. They cause harm, pain, disease, accidents. They are also used to manipulate subjects' bodies and minds - altering everything from basic functioning to complex decision making processes.

Misdirection used to cover the crime is also largely medical. A lot of this is about treating symptoms, finding alternate explanations for the cause of reported symptoms, dismissing or minimizing patients' concerns, and/or framing the patient with misdiagnosis.

The medical industry or parts of it seems to essentially contract out to other groups including police and the entertainment industry.

In my case, there has been a psychological house of cards built up not just around me, but around a group of selected females in my maternal family line, through a series of set ups, going back at least three generations, as a means of framing and control. There is also a noticeable pattern of medical-linked assassinations in my family tree, and I've noticed similar patterns in other family trees.

From the moment I attempted to report this crime I was described by police and diagnosed by doctors as "paranoid" and "delusional," a claim that was unsupported, is unsupportable, and an obvious crime cover. Despite being presented with evidence showing that the diagnosis of delusional disorder cannot be true, doctors persist in maintaining the diagnosis, often other doctors or patterns within my medical records. What that really shows is not that the diagnosis is correct, but that the hospitals are colluding.