What is the crime?

  • surveillance abuse
  • surveillance trafficking
  • medical abuse
  • medical trafficking
  • covert enslavement
  • torture, assault, injury
  • deliberate induction of disease
  • covert human subjects research
  • murders, assassinations, bounty killings

This is what I've come to understand after what is now years of research. I believe most of the hands on work of implanting, manipulating, controlling, and killing victims is done by police, medical professionals, fire departments and first responders, and people covertly contracted with them. Some universities also seem to be involved. I believe this is all paid for by outside parties, so essentially what is at work here is a kill for hire, kill for profit system in which wealthy private, corporate, philanthropic, and government agencies can call for a "hit" by a university, hospital system and/or police department.

How are subjects controlled?

  • social, psychological, financial manipulation
  • injuries - direct frequencies to the body and brain, bio attacks, "accidents"
  • surveillance, threats, attacks
  • control of media (TV, newspapers, magazines, websites) - this is particularly concerning for celebrities
  • control of opportunity, blacklisting
  • control of relationships, honeypots
  • control of medicine, psychology, police forces
  • control of physical space around the subject
  • restriction of movement, abduction, law enforcement and court corruption

Psychological warfare techniques are sophisticated and psychology as a profession seems invested in covering up the crime and keeping it secret. In our case, family members, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, and professionals (doctors, teachers, etc) are bribed and/or coerced to lie to us and to lie about us. In most cases, people don't come into our lives at all, and they certainly don't collaborate with us, without an ulterior agenda.

Traumas are deliberately created and psychologically and financially leveraged. This includes use of murder, assassination, even mass casualty events.

The social and psychological manipulation that goes on is aimed both at the individual and at groups around the individual.

With regards to control of subjects, the biggest tool in the toolbox are the covert medical body area implant networks and access to directed energy weapons.