Anatomy of a crime

My background

Prior to January 20, 2014 I, Erika Katrin Meyer, saw myself as a regular American citizen. There were things about me and my life that were unusual, but other than having had to struggle more than my peers to achieve much less than they had achieved over the years, I didn't notice anything too unusual about myself or the world around me. I was a single mother, a web developer, an artist, writer, musician. I had, and have, no criminal record, no history of arrests. As far as I knew, there was nothing especially remarkable about me.

January 20, 2014 is when my life suddenly changed. There had been a lead up - about six months of increasingly bizarre events and behaviors of people around me - but it was on Martin Luther King Jr Day - January 20 - when I realized, suddenly, that there was surveillance going all around me, including in private spaces in my home, and that the surveillance materals were being widely distributed.

The reveal was deliberate, and seems to have been done in such a way as to inflict as much shock and trauma as possible. I have since come to realize this was part of a longer plan which had been in place since before I was born, a plan in which I would be framed as "delusional" and "paranoid" in order to discount my accusations and complaints and continue the crime. This plan was obviously made by a group, a group which I believe is linked to a number of families involved in medical, military, and police corruption through Masonic connections, family connections, and finance.

The crime is family-linked, with families involved in trafficking and subjugation surrounding the family lines to be manipulated and subjugated, grooming them over a period of generations. There are layers of subjugation. My family, the family of my husband, and the paternal family of my daughter have all been forced into specific roles. Even though the crime affects millions of people, it is centered around twin "scions" - my husband and me. There is a whole structure (a "game") built around that, even though it's kept secret, seems to be well known to people.

The "Game" is protected by variety of techniques from corruption to layers of deception. People regularly pretend to believe things they don't actually believe, and the pretend not to believe things they know are true, so it's frequently not clear to me who knows how much about what. But it's clear that there has been a plan in place, endorsed by many in the US government, to exploit and destroy my family line (currently my daughter and me), and then to continue the deception, control, and trafficking with the next branch of the family tree. It appears that many of our family members have been trained and convinced to see us as human sacrifices and that it is their job to march us to our deaths, so that this lucrative and deadly crime can go on. Behind this is a longer tradition involving alchemy, medicine, policing, behind the scenes access to power and finance.

I have reason to believe, by the way, that as with deception, the fraud is layered into this confidence game. In other words, some people, like my daughter's father's family, have been made to believe that they will reap in rewards once they score the big "kills" but that in fact there are plans to massacre that family as well. That a lot of this was a scheme to trick Native Americans into setting a trap for the scions, and then to force them to fall into the same trap.

I didn't consider any of this back in January 2014 because I believed that I was living in a world that basically operated as advertised - crimes are investigated, and doctors, police, and other professionals generally act ethically and respect the law. I didn't understand that corruption is widespread, much less that it has become a socially acceptable way to operate. I thought that in most cases, any sign of corruption in professions as important and impactful as medicine and law enforcement would be immediately investigated and swiftly addressed.

Clearly, there were a lot of things I didn't know.

Although my family line and the family line of my husband Chris are centered as part of the means of control, the crime itself profoundly affects millions of people. It is global in nature, it is linked to mass casualty events, biological attacks and pandemics, malfeasance, and war. It leverages the increasing sophistication of surveillance trafficking, medical attacks, and assassination techniques with the goal of global domination and totalitarian control. There are signs that an increasing number of children, adults, and elders are being surveilled in and likely trafficked from doctors offices, public school bathrooms and locker rooms, and even from inside their own homes. This isn't just visual surveillance - it's medical surveillance and covert medical and psychological manipulations all done for money and power.

This is my attempt to present as much evidence as I am able of the crime at hand - it's breadth, scope, and participants. My primary goal is to get myself and immediate family to safety. Ultimately, I think the crime has to be ended.

I have been documenting my evolving understanding daily on Twitter and YouTube.